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Stuart, 17, Artist, I'm really nothing more than a guy who hides in his room doing nothing but watch films/shows, illustrate, sleep, play the ukulele, listen to music, read, make fan art, and everything in that nature. I'd be more than happy to chat and answer all of your questions! →


Seriously, I can’t imagine what Sakurai is going through. This man has put in his blood, sweat, and tears to make a game series and is very keen on throwing in surprises. Then, like last time, someone from the inside leaked. But this time, it was BIG. Potentially the entire roster. Numerous…


"It can only be called fate… That here, I would again gather the three with the crests… That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder. That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down… The power of the gods… The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!"

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Real Hacker vs Movie Hacker

real hacker:So you say you're gonna break into our local nuclear power plant? I really don't think that's possible
movie hacker:*types a few keystrokes* I'm in
real hacker:But the power plant's computers aren't even connected to the internet
movie hacker:I said I'm in. Now I'll cause a meltdown *types a few keystrokes* Done
real hacker:What do you mean done? There have to be many redundant safeguards in place to stop a meltdown. In any case, a meltdown would take time.
movie hacker:Want me to break into the CIA next?
real hacker:I don't even think you should attempt to...
movie hacker:*types a few keystrokes* Too late. I'm in

You know this Smash Bros leak’s real when Nintendo takes down the footage on YouTube.

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